Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Don't You Say What You Really Feel Tam?

quoting Tam about gunwalker and dismantling the ATF:

Sure, the FCC and FAA and USDA are no fun to deal with, but they rarely burn down churches full of people or smuggle machine guns to Mexican dope gangs.

I have to admit that two of my favorite gun bloggers are Tam and Robb Allen. I enjoy their humoral (humorous/cynical) approach to disseminating the hard cold facts of the matter using point blank delivery tactics.

As a bonus, here is some classic copy from Robb Allen:

So when I say I want a smaller government, I mean I want a governing body that is focused on ensuring my rights are respected and not concerned with what kind of toilet I buy, the wattage of my light bulbs, if I’m eating the correct foods, donating to the right charities, worshiping the appropriate god, or defending myself in a manner that they deem adequate. Yes, I will make bad decisions, and when I do, I will face the consequences of them. With a government the size we have today, I’m paying for others’ mistakes, and there’s nothing fair, liberal, or moral about that.

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