Sunday, February 3, 2013

'Bitter Clingers' vs BITTER GRABBERS

The readers probably remember Obama calling people who owned guns and had faith 'bitter clingers'. This is because the current administrations loves to demonize anyone who doesn't agree with them by labeling them with a negative connotation in order to polarize the issue. Well, Gun Shy believes that two can play this game, so from now on, those who seek to take away the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens, will from this day forward be referred to as 'BITTER GRABBERS'. This new label is based on the fact that before Feinstein's recent circus like gun control presentation, she trotted out a liberal progressive 'pastor' to try and make her case that God is on their side, while alluding that everyone who doesn't support this  common sense  proposal is an immoral, faithless person. She did this in a calculating premeditated fashion before her and her oath breaking lackeys attempted to help sell her draconian unconstitutional gun control package, so that all moral people of conscience  would be intimated to get on board. Her plan failed miserably, because it only made people of faith angry at her blatant hypocrisy, much like Obama's skeet shooting stunt.

Gun Shy hopes that everyone in the blogosphere picks up this new term (BITTER GRABBERS), and uses it every time they refer to the gun grabbers.

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