Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stereo Douche Bags on Gun Control

John Walsh On Gun Control - Piers Morgan Tonight

Watch the gun control mutual admiration club speak from the narrative in unison. Gun Shy will admit that John Walsh has gotten some things right in other areas of his career, but first of all John, it wasn't a Mac 10 as you stated. It was a Tec DC 9 which is a variant of the Tech 9 that was used at Columbine.
Klebold fired this 9mm weapon 55 times. It killed four people and wounded two others. John also failed to mention that this weapon was banned under the 1994 assault weapons ban that was in place at the time of the shooting due to its high capacity. The other weapons used were a High Point carbine and a couple of shotguns one being a double barreled version. I guess Joe Biden is onto something with his recent get a shotgun spiel. So much for your expert opinion on firearms John and the need to control AR 15's which had nothing to do with Columbine. Stick to being a TV host and helping to hunt down bad guys, and leave law abiding citizens out of this.

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