Sunday, February 17, 2013

If They Could Just Stop Those Guns From Virginia, Florida, and the South Coming Into Their Northern States...

...they could end ALL the gun crime in their cities. Yep, that's what the apparently delusional BITTER GRABBER politicians in places like New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Chicago keep telling us. Do these grossly uninformed politicians not even realize that they have some of the largest gun manufacturing companies right in their own backyard? For decades companies such as Springfield Armory have been manufacturing firearms in Illinois, and other manufacturers such as Colt in Connecticut,  Remington in New York, and Smith and Wesson in Massachusetts  have been doing business there for  centuries, long before guns became politically incorrect in their states .

Of course, with all their recent draconian laws that they are pushing through against the will of the people, many of their firearms manufacturers are talking about moving to a more gun friendly state, taking their jobs and the taxes that they pay to those states with them. Hopefully they will be bringing their businesses to Florida aka the Gunshine State where they will be welcomed. Hell, we'll even greet them at the border with fresh squeezed orange juice, some suntan lotion, and a couple of beach chairs. Maybe we can convince them to bring along some of the ammo manufacturers with them as well, as a kind of a package deal.

Now with all the gun boycotts that are popping up, if their manufacturers do relocate, where will their oath breaking enforcement arm get their firearms so that they can continue to further harass and control their now disarmed law abiding citizens, while the criminals keep on doing business as usual with their stolen or black market guns?

Maybe the fast and furious crowd is looking for some new clients, and many of the mob type criminal politicians from those states could meet the necessary criteria for doing business with them. Hey don't laugh,  it worked out well for the other cartels, didn't it?

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Graybeard said...

Within the last few weeks, a gun manufacturer from North Carolina, if I recall, tried to move into Palm Bay, a small city kind of near the KSC. Some moron city Councilwoman prevented it.