Monday, February 4, 2013

Piers Morgan FINALLY Learns the Difference Between a REAL Assault Weapon and an AR15

Click here to watch the video.

Maybe there is hope for Piers after all....nah.

Gun Shy finds it totally ironic, that CNN and Morgan, which are vehemently anti gun have hired armed private security with plenty of 'high capacity' mags in a chest rig, a sidearm with a 'high capacity' magazine in a drop leg holster, and some of the evil AR 15's (they may even be select fire) to do a close security detail for Morgan while he is in town. Don't believe me? Watch this short clip, and listen to whom the young private security contractor says he is working for. 

Security: How are you doing?

Person off camera: Are you freelancing?

Security: Yes I am... I'm working for CNN.

Then watch this clip and notice the positioning of the same young man.

I find it amusing that the people who state that these weapons of war have no place on America's streets, and asks why anyone would need one, find them perfectly okay when they are being used for protecting them and their interests. If restricting gun rights is what they truly believe, then why isn't their security armed with a single shot pistol, and following Joe Biden's genius advice of using the more effective double barreled shotgun for Pier's personal protection? 

CNN and Piers Morgan are the winners of this weeks 'thou hypocrite' BITTER GRABBERS award.

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