Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Texas Gun Owners are MUCH Better off Than Florida... (and other discussions)

...when it comes to second amendment rights.

Texas with a population of 26,059,203 has six mayors who belong to Bloomberg's 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns', a group which spends major money to influence the definition of what exactly an 'illegal' gun is. A high capacity pistol was legal last month in Bloomberg's New York, but now it is suddenly illegal.

Florida with a population of 19,317,568 currently has FORTY-SEVEN Mayors who belong to Bloomberg's 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns'. Gun Shy believes that these mayors are strategically placed in an attempt to influence the enactment of gun control laws in the state.

Maybe we as citizens should rename this 'group'. How about Mayors Advocating Illegal Gun Grabbing, and they could also be referred to as Mayors Advocating Gun Grabbing and Other Tyrannical Stupidity, or MAGGOTS.

In other news, Feinstein's and Schumer's lips are still moving in an attempt to eventually ban all firearms.

Click here to watch Feinstein's rehearsed talking heads in action, while their children most likely attend or have attended schools with armed guards.

More of Bloomberg's talking heads here

I think Americans need to start demanding a plan that these men and women uphold their oath, instead of bowing to whatever political influence Bloomberg can offer them.

Click here to get some opinions from a real military man, who is a founding member of Delta Force, and a combat veteran who was wounded in action during the Blackhawk Down incident in Somalia.

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