Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There are no Words That Can Express Gun Shy's Disgust

Click here and shake your head in disbelief.

If you read Gun Shy's remarks in the comment section of the above link, you will get a clearer understanding of the depth of my disgust.

The topic was also discussed here.

Let's do a little now and then 'reality' comparison shall we.

A soldier approaches the beaches of Normandy in a landing craft. They are taking heavy fire at 1200 rpm from multiple enemy pill boxes set on the high ground, so he goes over the side into the 45 degree water to avoid the funnel of fire being deliberately concentrated by German machine gunners at the exit, and because there are so many of his now dead companions in the way blocking the path to be able to get out before he gets hit as well. He finds himself in a stronger than usual tide wearing leather boots in wet heavy clothing carrying a canvas ruck and a 28 lb BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) with multiple rounds of ammo, as well as the rest of his kit. All this as some of his friends are drowning beside him because they are not strong enough swimmers make it against the strong choppy tides. By an act of God he makes it to the beach, only to find himself under more intense fire, and he can taste the blood in the air and the carnage and rivers of blood is overwhelming. At this point no one believes that they will get out of this alive, but courage overrides the human instinct of fear and they all forge on because this is the mighty generation of 'rough men'. In the end, there are many who are dead and wounded, and some of these men who made it, and others who did not are awarded the Bronze star for the courage exhibited under fire in combat against the enemy.

In comparison, let's now review our latest scenario. A person who is well trained in computers sits in a controlled sterile environment, and discharges ordnance into a target while watching a 'bug splat' on a screen from half way around the world. From the satellite image generated from a great distance above he can see that the target has been destroyed. He goes and has lunch with his co-workers, and then returns home in the evening to attend his child's soccer game. At some point he will receive a citation that is viewed as higher than the Bronze Star.

Not to take anything away from the contribution of these swivel chair warriors, and maybe this new breed of warriors from afar, have some similarities to their CIC as he was watching the Bin Laden raid from the situation room that he in the end took so much credit for.

Gun Shy has to wonder what is next? Will the people who are making these decisions go to the graves of the 9387 fallen in the cemetery at Normandy and urinate on them, and then hit the graves at Arlington, and for an encore hit the wall containing the 58,272 names of the fallen from Vietnam and then move on to insult those receiving the Bronze Star in the most current operations? 

This is just another form of troop demoralization cast in the mold of the Bill Clinton influenced Black Beret decision from 1999.

In the end, these politicians and their lackeys who make these decisions get libraries, highways, and airports named after them, when it should be out houses.

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