Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why Didn't Ted Ask Piers Why Anyone WITH HIM Needs an AR15...

...and plenty of 'high capacity' mags.

The first thing Ted should have said, when Piers asked "Why does anyone need an AR 15?",  should have been, "I don't know Piers, why do those guys standing behind you performing close protection need them as their primary weapon, and sidearms with high capacity magazines as their secondary....huh?

The answer is, because that is what works best. 

First watch the one sided debate where Piers gets hard core schooled by Uncle Ted.

Then go to this earlier commentary, and watch the video's of Piers close security team hired by CNN who are both equipped with AR's and plenty of high capacity magazines. In view of his stance on gun control, Piers is a hypocrite for allowing the team to protect him, and CNN who is pushing 24 hour anti gun agenda daily are hypocrites for hiring them, although Gun Shy is happy that the fellas could make a little extra CNN money. I hope they charged them appropriately. If Piers and his employers are truly anti-gun, then they need to start living the same way they expect the other half to live, no exceptions.

Click here for some good behind the scenes footage from Morgan's Texas visit with the owner of the range, who appears to be a good guy. If you live in Texas, it is probably worth the drive to do business there, because this guy isn't price gouging everyone while a lot of the other stores and large mail order suppliers currently are. Maybe it it time for Gun Shy to take a little road trip to the Great State of Texas to see some family, and do a little helo hog hunting while there.

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