Friday, January 18, 2013

New York City Cops and Ex Cops are Mad as Hell...

...not because law abiding citizens have been stripped of their rights, but because in the frantic rush to ram the new gun laws through before anyone started questioning them, no one thought to exempt law enforcement from the seven round magazine restriction. They are currently issued pistols with fifteen round magazines. The cops say they can't be 'outgunned' by the criminals who will have high capacity magazines. Of course it is alright for the law abiding citizens to be. Let's face it, this is the height of hypocrisy, and the fact that New York City cops will follow an unlawful order in the first place, so that they may keep their high paying union protected jobs where there are apparently no standards enforced for physical conditioning, shows who they really are.

Not to worry though, because when you are in New York City this guy, as well as this guy which appear to be some of New York City's elite will be in charge of keeping you safe. I do not know if they are in the condition needed to pursue an assailant though....but possibly if the assailant is wearing a vest made of chocolate covered doughnuts.

On a good note, some New York lawmakers are appealing the new laws:

Click here to see one of them.

Click here to see another.

And some New York State Sheriffs have gone on record stating that they will not enforce the unconstitutional laws.

Bonus points questions:

Does anyone remember who discovered the terrorists bomber in New York City's time square?

It was a food vendor

Who was it that fired sixteen rounds at an assailant and shot nine innocent bystanders recently while 'protecting' them?

It was New York City's elite counter terror squad.

Maybe they should issue them thirty round pistol mags so they don't run out of ammo before they finally hit the perpetrator.

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