Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conspiracy Theorists and the Tin Foil Hat Brigade...Were They Right?

As the facts keep coming out and the scandals grow, we are now finding out that much of what they alleged has turned out to have real merit.

Obama Scandals: The Tinfoil Hat Brigade Were Right?

So now the question is, how many more of the currently unexplored allegations are factual as well? Let us recap what we know so far:

All private phone conversation including land line, cell, and VOIP are being monitored and conversations recorded and stored. Chat rooms are also monitored as well.

All private emails are being read/stored.

All facebook remarks and photos are being stored and a system of biometric identification from photos is progress.

Police can now take DNA samples according to a new ruling, which will be stored permanently.

All you tube videos and twitter comments are being reviewed and stored. 

All postal mail is being scanned and tracked. 

This administration is currently pushing to have all data on all gun owners and their weapons here in America, including ammunition purchases. They are already doing this in the border states.

The IRS has all of your personal financial information to use however they choose, as evidenced by the latest scandals.

The EPA released farmers’ private info to environmental groups.

Under obamacare, your health records will be stored and accessible to any government agency as well as who they sell/allow access to.

There are drones in the sky watching everyone.

The above list is not conspiracy theory, it is not tin foil hat, it is reality, and key people in the current administration have lied trying to cover this reality up.

Land of the Free...


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