Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Time to Filter the Media Bull$hit From the Santa Monica Shooting Story

quote from here:

The shooting rampage that left five people dead in Santa Monica on Friday was premeditated, and the gunman had more than than 1,300 rounds of ammunition with him during the attack, police said Saturday.

Anyone ever try to carry 1300 rounds of ammo on a LBV? Anyone try to carry even 12 mags (360 rounds) on a vest for any length of time? He may have had extra ammo stashed in his vehicle or somewhere else, but it is highly unlikely that he was carrying 1300 rounds on him physically. Of course the uneducated gun grabbers/ammunition restrictors will be all over this one. They have already pre-narrated this incident with his mental illness set up.


Other law enforcement sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said the suspect had some mental problems in the past and was angry over his parents’ divorce.

Don't you just love those anonymous sources who set the stage with off the record tid-bits? Well, at least for the time being, the media has stopped it's knee jerk right wing extremist label for every shooter, after their miserable failure with the Boston Marathon bombers.  Lets see if the media at least mentions the ethnicity of the shooter's name, because he was originally mis-identified as being Hispanic. Gun Shy has a feeling that they are going to try and get away from this one as quickly as possible, and push this over to the gun grabbers for exploitation. Ms Feinstein...get on your blood dancin' ban all assault rifles shoes.

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