Monday, June 10, 2013

From 1300 to 600 Rounds in One Fell Swoop (Santa Monica Shooting)

Should we listen to any news report at this point? They screwed up the Boston bombing reports, the intentionally screwed up/biased the Trayvon/Zimmerman reports, they have blacked out most of the current scandals brewing in the current administration, and now this:

quote from here:

At a Saturday afternoon news conference, police laid out tables of evidence. According to police, Zawahri dropped a duffle bag while walking through campus. Some of the bag's contents included an upper receiver to a .223-caliber rifle, an older model .44-caliber handgun and at least 20 loaded magazines.

Twenty loaded mags is 600 rounds, which is less than 50% of what the media originally reported, and it appears that it was in a duffel bag, and not on his person. If he shot 70 rounds as reported, maybe he had 670 initially, but no one can report the facts accurately it seems.

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