Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Brits Want Their Handguns Back

Of course they do. The British soldier who was recently beheaded in South London demonstrated to them that the police can not keep them safe. The Brits are intelligent logical people (with the exception of Piers Morgan) and they are excellent soldiers as well. As a matter of fact, America's SFOD-D (Delta force) was modeled after the British SAS. While some states in America such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, etc. are making the same mistake that Britain made allowing the politicians to disarm it's law abiding citizens, the Brits want to turn that law over, and get their pistols back.

Britain wants its guns back - A Daily Telegraph online poll has revealed that over 80 percent of Brits would rather a repeal on the hand gun ban over various other "new law" choices


But Britons seem unconvinced by the law. The proposer, known as "Colliemum" asked, "...why should only criminals be 'allowed' to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens and police officers?" While the poll continues, so far over 80 percent of the 11,000+ respondents have told the Telegraph that they want to see the handgun ban repealed. The news comes as America contemplates its own new laws on gun ownership, with British talk show host Piers Morgan claiming to back a UK-style ban for the United States...

...But statistics from the United States show that guns are used by citizens to defend themselves around eighty times more often than they are used to take a life. A recent study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy concluded that there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime in countries internationally, that is, “where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest, and where guns are least dense violent crime rates are highest."

Americans have seen how well the gun bans have worked in D.C. and Obama and Holder's hometown of Chicago, to name a few.  If the firearms buying spree recently is any indicator of what American's really believe about owning guns, it is clear that the politicians in some states are going against the will of the people. Obama has been the best gun salesman in the history of our country, and because of him, instead of having a rifle behind every blade of grass, we now have five... with extra mags to boot. Thanks Barack. It's the only good thing you have done for America, even if it was by accident.


RogerC said...

UK commentator here. The trouble with repealing the handgun ban is, on its own, it still wouldn't help us because of other acts which make it illegal to carry weapons of self defence. These are the real problem. Right now I can legally buy a knife or a baton, for instance, but I'm a criminal if I carry one in public.

Under the Prevention of Crime Act (1953), carrying anything for use as a weapon, even if intended for self-defence only, is an indictable offence (felony, in US terms). This act was passed by Winston Churchill's government, and means that I'm not allowed to carry *anything* to defend myself with, purpose built weapon or not. If attacked, I'm expected to improvise with what I have to hand and call for help - and if I *do* use anything to defend myself, I'd better be able to provide a good excuse for carrying it, or I'm still in trouble. The burden of proof lies on the person using the "weapon" in such cases, so the usual presumption of innocence does not apply.

So you can give me back my handguns (please do!), but until the Prevention of Crime Act is repealed, I'm still either helpless or a lawbreaker should I choose to carry one.

Gun Shy Tourist said...

Thanks for your input Roger. You Brits are typically a good lot, and I have friends now living here that are former Brit military who own a number of weapons and are quite good with them. I do hope your politicians wake up to the reality, that disarming hard working law abiding citizens is the problem, not the solution. Oh...and can you recall Piers Morgan back please? :-O