Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Don't Behead and You Won't be Beheaded

Gun Shy finds it ironic, that the British government was considering prosecuting a Gurkha soldier for beheading a taliban in the heat of battle, but when a British soldier gets beheaded in the streets of South London in broad daylight, the powers to be try and make excuses for the action.

Gurkha who beheaded Taliban soldier in Afghanistan battle cleared to return to duty


'Thankfully he has been returned to normal duties having had a question mark hanging over his future for some time,' a military source told The Sun... 

...The Gurkha faced a court martial and possible jail sentence if he had been found guilty of a war crime.

...This is considered a gross insult to the Muslims of Afghanistan, who bury the entire body of their dead even if parts have to be retrieved.

Gun Shy believes that if you want justice, you must give justice. As long as Christians  are being persecuted, beheaded, crucified, kidnapped and murdered, and having their churches looted and burned to the ground by Islamic radical groups overseas, as long as Jews are persecuted in similar ways as well, and Buddhists and Hindus face religious persecution and death daily at the hands of these same groups as well as as women of other faiths being 'converted' by rape or killed, Gun Shy can not take seriously the complaints of  'religious persecution' by factions of these same Islamic groups now here in the U.S.

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