Sunday, June 30, 2013

If Violence Occurs, the Mainstream Media is Complicit, and Should be Held Responsible (Zimmeran trial)

If George Zimmerman is acquitted (and it appears he will be) and riots and widespread violence occur, the media is complicit, and should be charged as such. First off, let Gun Shy go on the record as saying that I am sorry that the young man is dead. Young people sometimes have trouble in their life, but things can change, and people change, and no one knows what could have happened in the future of that young man. It was evident from the very first report, that the media was trying to bias this case as being racial in nature. Some media outlets intentionally edited tapes to create the appearance of just that. Others published a picture of a little boy to give one the impression that these pictures represented what the young man looked like currently, and promoted the mean old white man and the little black child narrative. Why isn't the media being charged with hate crimes? If George Zimmerman traveled to any Hispanic country, I can assure you that the local people would walk up to him and speak to him in Spanish. Why? Because let's face it, he looks Hispanic. Gun Shy wonders if the court intentionally did not allow his mother to be there for the trial, because she looks so native/Hispanic that it could influence the outcome positively for her son by eliminating the media manufactured white man slant.  None the less, the media has done everything it could to hang a white tag on him. This is the same media who touted a mixed race president raised solely by a white mother and white grand parents as being black. Where was the white/black tag then? And of course there was the skittles and ice tea tag, but the media never dared discussed the alleged intended purpose of the Arizona watermelon drink (not iced tea) and the skittles, and that will probably never be discussed, because political correctness is the apparent enemy of truth. Gun Shy is not implying that the white race was not complicit in this situation as well. There is a culture of violence that has been created in America through violent rap music and movies. When rap music first started out, many of the record labels were owned/financed/produced by white record executives. When drugs end up on inner city streets, there are white men in suits living in nice neighborhoods who are at the top of the supply chain, and corrupt white politicians/law enforcement who also have benefited financially from the distribution of these drugs, which help to create a culture of death and violence in the inner cities. As the readers know, Gun Shy aka 'the prophet of doom' has stated in previous commentaries that it is going to be a long hot summer. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

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