Friday, January 11, 2013

About Your Top Brady Rated Anti Gun Utopia Ms Feinstein..

Some of 14 hostages in Los Angeles were assaulted

Well, as per usual, criminals in the gun control paradise of Kalifornia are now resorting to knives, just like in jolly old England now that guns have been banned from law abiding citizens there. How did they fix that dangerous situation? Well...they called in MEN WITH GUNS (SWAT). Now, if one of the abducted people had been allowed to have a firearm, they wouldn't have:

A) Been abducted
B) No one else would have been abducted
C) No one would been beaten up
D) There would have been no robbery
E) There would have been no sexual assault
F) You would not be looking for the assailants, because they would have been easy to distinguish by the chalk lines drawn around them on the floor.
G) The city would have saved a whole lot of money.

Repeat after me Feinstein, Bloomberg, Shumer, Holder (providing they didn't go to Mexico), and others...

More LEGAL Guns Equal Less Crime.

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