Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hey Joe, Obie, Bloomberg, Shumer, and Least Someone is Backing Your Citizen Disarmament Plan

Well, the Chinese government called for citizen disarmament of Americans on the grounds that it is a human rights violation, and now this:

Communists Applaud Obama’s Gun Grab

Speaking of Shumer, not only does he have no valid logic in the current debate, but he didn't back in the nineties when he was first singing the same tired old song.

Gun Shy is not a fan of Alex Jones, but this video has a wealth of quotes from the founding fathers on their interpretation, as opposed to Obie, Joe's, and Feinstein's interpretation.

Speaking of Feinstein, check out this interesting perspective.

If you would like to know the other goals of the communists, you can watch this video about a document written in 1963 to learn more.

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