Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let Gun Shy Break it Down for You Mr Durbin

First, the readers need to please watch this video.

If you are reading Mr Durbin, here it is. While the New Orleans police who were being assisted by outside agencies as well as the national guard during Katrina in following a constitutionally illegal order from Ray Nagin (now under investigation for other crimes) to disarm law abiding citizens, people were getting raped and robbed, and an elderly lady was getting beat up for having a firearm by those outside 'assisting' agencies (CHP).

Or maybe Mr Durbin, Wayne LaPierre was possibly referring to a cluster f*ck like this one, or many other ones like it.

Gun Shy hopes that Mr Durbin and his buddy from crime ridden Baltimore Maryland both get their smug asses fired by the American people in the future, and if you are reading dick, you are truly living up to your first name.

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