Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boy Saves Life of Himself and His Sister Using "Weapon of Mass Destruction"

“Weapon of Mass Destruction” is what Whoopi Goldberg refers to an AR 15 as.

She has stated that it couldn’t be used for home defense, because it would “end up taking all the plaster down”, and "destroy everything it was pointed at". Whoopi is also a WMD….Woman of Mass Delusion.

Anyhow, the assailant was shot multiple times and lived. I guess that the .223 is not the devastating round that General Stanley McChyrstal tried to convince America it was. As an aside there are plenty of living Somali insurgents that were involved with the Blackhawk Down incident, that carry scars from .223/5.56 caliber ‘through and through’ wounds where they were ‘ice picked’ by the round as they over ran and killed U.S. troops.

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