Friday, January 25, 2013

It Appears That New York City's 'elite' May be in Need of Some 'gun control'

Bystander accidentally shot by NYPD during Empire State Building shootout sues


One of nine bystanders shot when two New York police officers fatally shot a homicidal suspect outside the Empire State Building last summer has filed a lawsuit charging that the officers - who fired 16 bullets, killing the suspect - were not adequately trained...

...“The NYPD is aware of the deficiencies in its training program,” said Stephen B. Epstein, one of the attorneys representing shooting victim Chenin Duclos, 32, a physical therapy student who was struck in the leg, shattering her femur.

“The reason they haven’t made adjustments to the training is that it would cost a substantial amount of money, and they have a budget,” Epstein said. “The reality is, they’re better off paying off judgments than changing training.”

Gun Shy commented on this situation earlier here.

Maybe they should issue NYPD's 'elite' cops thirty round pistol mags to insure that they don't run out of ammo wounding innocent bystanders before they finally hit the perpetrator.

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