Monday, January 28, 2013

Are Orlando/Orange County Florida Politicians and Law Enforcement Anti-Gun?

Gun Shy will post some information for review, and let the readers decide.

Nelson: Use common sense in gun-control debate

Demings, Nelson support assault weapons ban

It should be noted that Bill Nelson, who has been described on a local billboard as Obama's lap dog, had a poll on his website to survey how many people were in favor of an assault weapons ban. Over 90% voted that they were against it. So much for the will of the people.

Some other videos here and also here.

Here is something that the readers may remember:

Orlando Police Chief's Gun, Handcuffs Stolen (2009)


Orlando's police chief said she's ready to be reprimanded after her department handgun, handcuffs and drivers license were all stolen. The incident took place nearly one month ago.

The gun was in her unmarked SUV, outside her million dollar home in a gated Dr Phillips community.

Chief Val Demings said she isn't sure how her gun was stolen. She left the gun in a duffle bag and made sure she locked the doors. But Demings said she realizes she made the wrong decision and she's the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

When Val Demings became the Orlando police chief in 2007, she vowed to take illegal guns off the street, but she has become a victim of a crime. Her 9mm gun was stolen out her Chevy Tahoe.

Maybe Sheriff Demings 'gun control' should begin with teaching his wife how to secure her weapon, so that it doesn't end up on the streets of Orlando in the hands of criminals.

An then we have this:

Something Smells 'gun control' Funny Here in O-Town (as well as in Florida)

Group Blasts Orlando's Use of Tax Dollars to Muzzle Gun Rights

MAIG Coordinators Paid as City Employees, Saves Gun-Hater’s Money

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