Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gun Rights, Equal Justice Under the Law, and AG Eric Holder

Recently, the CEO of a tactical training group got pretty riled up about rumored executive orders and the potential gun ban situation (which would definitely affect, possibly destroy his business) and said a few things on youtube that probably weren't very well thought out at the time. After cooling down, he immediately released another follow up video recanting some of his angry tirade. The Huffington Post and other liberal media immediately ran with the original video, and the next thing you know, Tennessee Public Safety and Homeland Security asked him to surrender his concealed carry permit because of  “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public.” It appears that this almost immediate decision possibly may have been made without due process, and the urgency could have been influenced at higher levels. With the current orchestrated all out push for gun control, it would not be out of the ordinary to assume that the call for his concealed carry suspension may have come from the top down. I am curious to see if Holder or Napolitano in any way try to get openly  involved with this situation, because not so long ago as the readers may remember, a new black panther party 'soldier' was alleged to be threatening white voters outside a Philadelphia polling place, and he was in possession of a billy club at that time as evidenced by a video that was recorded of the incident.  There was a call for an investigation, and then people were stripped of their power to investigate, and because of this there was immediate outrage with some people resigning. Eric Holder refused to prosecute the panther, some say because he was black, and it was evident that  the hypocrisy was deafening. The same group later on also offered an open reward for the apprehension of George Zimmerman, and that was also not addressed.

Here is one of the 'non threatening' guys that Holder refused to prosecute, that legal counsel for the CEO who had his concealed carry permit revoked might be interested in viewing.

It should also be noted that prosecutors in the nation’s capital recently announced that David Gregory of NBC News Meet the Press, the host who did a show and tell on air with a 30-round magazine which are illegal in D.C. would not be prosecuted even though it is recognized by all concerned that he clearly broke the law.

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