Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let’s see Bloomberg explain this one

Oh...this is too good to be true. Click here.


Friday’s Seattle Times update carried a brief story about a New York City police detective who had been charged with shooting his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend; not much of a story until one discovers who this guy was assigned to protect.

Does the name Michael Bloomberg ring a bell? He’s the anti-gun mayor of New York, the fellow who founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Only bad guys are supposed to get arrested for doing what one of his security detail is alleged to have done. You know, armed private citizens who have a difficult, if not impossible time getting a carry permit in the Big Apple.

A longtime New York City detective assigned to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's security detail was charged Friday with shooting and injuring his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend in a confrontation this month.—Seattle Times

Maybe Bloomie should start a new organization called "Mayors Against Rogue Gun Carrying Bodyguard Employees".

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