Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does Art Mimic Life in Hollywood?

The other day I watched a movie titled Man on Fire. Denzel Washington plays a former agency guy with some very good skills, who is feeling a bit over the hill, and has a drinking problem that is the byproduct of him trying to forget the past. He goes to visit an American associate (Christopher Walken) in Mexico, and he hooks him up with a security job guarding a nine year old who he becomes really attached to, because she is re-acquainting him with his humanity that he thought he had lost a long time ago.

Anyhow, some crooked Mexican cops (surprise) help some kidnappers to grab her after he manages to hold them off for a while but takes five rounds in the process and is finally taken out of the fight. The rest of the movie is about him trying to get her back while administering justice along the way.

The sad thing is that this movie mimics the reality of what has been going on in Mexico for quite a while. The readers may also remember an incident where a young man from Texas was kidnapped and sacrificed in a ritual by a drug dealing cult that was looking for protection.

I bring this to the readers attention for a number of reasons. This is the same Mexico that Michelle Obama went on record telling Americans that it was a safe place to vacation. And secondly, if you do not have strong immigration laws and enforcement, and you just open up the borders as Mr Obama apparently has done, and order law enforcement not to arrest illegals, you no longer have control of who enters America, and unsavory people such as these and those who would murder in order to build their drug empires flock across the border.

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