Saturday, April 23, 2011

Even the Freakin ACLU Gets it in Dearborn


Rana Elmir of the ACLU of Michigan, called today's outcome a "complete abuse of the court process."

"This should have never come to this point to begin with. The judge should have dismissed the case yesterday instead of giving Jones and his cohorts a platform," she said. "It's a complete abuse of the court process and all those involved should be ashamed."

Elmir said the prosecutor's office and Dearborn court have "turned the First Amendment on its head."

"Rev. Jones came to Dearborn for his 15 minutes of fame. The judge and prosecutor's office have given him hours," she said. "Rev. Jones has never committed a crime and should not be sitting in jail for his protected speech. In a free society no one should be thrown in jail for speech, even as distasteful and offensive as Mr. Jones'. At the end of the day, he's ultimately being punished for speech that has not occurred. This is blatantly unconstitutional."

Elmir said the ACLU is also "deeply concerned" that Jones is banned from the mosque.

"The government is essentially silencing Rev. Jones and his cohorts in anticipation that their message will not be welcome," she said. "We have to remember Rev. Jones has not been accused of a crime. His conduct has never been at issue, it has always been his speech. It's not a crime in the United States to speak freely even if your remarks are hateful, controversial, distasteful or offensive."

And then there was this:

At the Islamic Center, a cheer went through the crowd of 100 after police announced the jailing.

Of course they cheered. That was because this was a clear signal, that the Constitution is now subjective, and it has been clearly established that there is a now a protected class of people in the state of Michigan that can stop anything they deem offensive. It signaled a victory for sharia once again in the state of Michigan.

Maybe they should make it mandatory for all Michigan residents to go through cultural sensitivity training by watching this video.

You can read the complete article that I quoted from above here.

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