Sunday, April 24, 2011

The REAL Reason Why The Constitution Was Subverted in Dearborn

This is an opinion piece by ol' Gun Shy, but since this is my 'pulpit' here we go. I believe that the real reason that pastor Jones was not allowed to protest in Dearborn, was that if he did the results would have been violent, and that would go against the narrative that Islam has been hijacked by a few, and that the majority of the Muslims are peaceful. I have also noticed a lot of politicians pandering to the newcomers to America who use threats of violence to get their way, while attempting to silence Americans whose families have lived here for generations. I believe that this occurs for two reasons. One, most politicians are power whores, and they want to keep their cushy jobs and their influence. The second reason, is because there is a lot of oil and wealth in Islamic countries, and since money, power, and influence are a politicians best friends, and also because many of them have no solid values that they believe in, they blow like the wind and will accept what ever suits their personal interests the best at that time, and the American people and the Constitution be damned. As the old saying goes, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything, and the sellout politicians are dropping like flies these days. If Terry Jones had protested in Dearborn, his view of the violence that is part of that religion would have manifested itself for all Americans to see, so therefore it was better to deny a man his constitutional right to protest, than to expose the truth and hurt the narrative. When the pastor walked into the kangaroo courtroom, he already knew that the deck was stacked and the dice were loaded. It was just his first move in a game of political chess that this man is willing to lay down everything to play. I think that Terry Jones is a lot smarter than the main stream media has given him credit for. Just remember that you heard it here from Gun Shy first.

So what is the bottom line here? Those in Dearborn who cheered when they heard that Terry Jones had been jailed may now live in America and even identify themselves as Americans, but they are obviously not Americans who believe in the Constitution or the true American freedom that this nation has always stood for, because if they did, they would have defended his right to protest no matter how offensive it was to them.

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