Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maybe This Could Be Obie's Campaign Theme Song

Let's face it America...Obama and his administration (don't forget his czars) have done their best to whore out the American people while living the jet set life. Now we have him claiming Christianity once again, as his wife claims her love for the veterans. Anyone who has watched their actions up until now, can surely see the pattern here. As the song goes, "Won't Get Fooled Again". Hopefully Americans will pull the handle to flush this horribly failed experiment of electing a community organizer as president, or America will be looking like Hill Valley in Back to the Future after Biff takes over, or like future Los Angeles in the movie Escape from LA. After all, his former area of control Chicago has a good head start in a gangster sort of way.

Based on my above explanation, as well as past explanations, I feel that this would be a good theme song for his upcoming campaign for re-election.

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