Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Important Note For All the Readers on the Topic of Terrorism

The commentaries about terrorism on this site are not meant to fuel Islamophobia. The commentaries are here to raise Islamo-jihadi awareness. The acts of the terrorists themselves are more than sufficient to fuel what has been labeled by some as Islamophobia. Gun Shy doesn't care what religion anyone believes in. That is everyone's personal choice. When someone's beliefs incorporate the idea that they have to kill people who do not believe the same was as they do in order to get to their heaven, rest assured that commentaries on this blog will be discussing it. For further understanding, please read the explanation in the blog header at the top of this page,  and pay close attention to the part about not following 'the politically correct narrative'.

In the meantime:

Jihadi Terrorist Gets Choice Burial Plot on American Soil...Fallen Warriors Get Landfill

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