Saturday, May 4, 2013

Massachusetts City Going the Way of Chicago

The ghost of Teddy Kennedy's stringent gun control for law abiding citizens, and Meninno's and Bloomberg's dream of a gun free utopian paradise comes home to roost as it has in all gun free LEGISLATED territories:

Counterinsurgency methods used to fight gang crime


Street gangs had become so intimidating in Springfield that citizens stopped calling the police on them. And no wonder: gangs were so strong that motorcycle-riding members once cruised a neighborhood with military-style assault rifles strapped to their backs in a show of force.

All this while disarmed citizens cower in fear like they did during the Boston bomber manhunt, and  in most states that have LEGISLATED strict gun control. Maybe I am missing something here, but because of these laws, aren't guns EXTREMELY illegal in Massachusetts? I guess the gang leaders didn't get the memo. I am sure if they let them know, they will rush to turn those illegal weapons in pronto.

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