Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blaming Legal Guns for Terrorist Bombs

It's logical...isn't it??? This is like kicking the cat because the dog is barking.

More deflecting from the BITTER GRABBERS:

Gun Grabbers: Mind the “Terror Gap.” Again. Still.

Of course, the mainstream media still can't let go of its anti gun mandatory citizen disarmament narrative for a moment, as they try to associate it with every current topic, including the Boston bombing.

Did the Boston Bombers use a firearm to acquire fireworks, common household chemicals, ball bearings, nails, pressure cookers, and the electronics to build a timer? The answer is no. Maybe Bloomberg should start a new organization that could actually accomplish some good for law abiding Americans instead of continually attacking them, and call it Mayors Against Illegal Explosives, or Mayors Against Jihadi Bombers.

So the next time the anti-gunners ask why anyone needs an AR-15 with a thirty round magazine, you should tell them that maybe they should go ask all those who had one slung while searching the streets and buildings in the Boston area neighborhoods, as the mostly unarmed citizens huddled in the corner in fear. The answer is shoot an attacking terrorist(s) in the face with, and that is why it is good that there are four million plus AR rifles and equally as many if not more AK variants in the hands of law abiding Americans so that they can keep themselves, their families, their neighborhoods, and their country safe in free states where firearms haven't yet been banned by politicians who have repeatedly demonstrated that they can't protect anyone. (that is why they have taxpayer funded security details)

Anymore questions?

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