Thursday, May 16, 2013

Two Truly Great Men of Counter Terrorism

Red Cell was founded in 1985 as a counter terrorist 'training' group by Admiral 'Ace' Lyons in concert with the founder of  SEAL Team Six, Dick Marcinko. The group was disbanded, mostly due to weak ass politicians and some high ranking detractors in the military in 1992.

So the readers are probably wondering why great counter terrorists experts like these guys, have not been appointed by the current administration to fight terror instead of the politically correct impotent limp d*cks that we currently have? The reason is that these two are not politically correct, they know how to speak the words Islamic terrorist, and they would solve the problem by shooting terrorists in the face, and not by lawyering them up. Gun Shy believes that Dick Marcinko and Admiral 'Ace' Lyons probably have more testosterone between them than all of the men in the current administration have collectively.

More on Admiral Ace Lyons, Dick Marcinko, and Red Cell here.

Speaking of the current administration, what did Obama and Biden do to 'assist' in the OBL raid? The short answer  is not much that effected a positive outcome. All the heavy lifting was done by someone else as everyone in the administration sat in a safe climate controlled situation room on the other side of the world. What Biden did do was 'out' founder Dick Marcinko's beloved SEAL Team Six as being the primary in the raid. The only saving grace, was that he didn't know the other parties who supported the operation, or he would have probably blabbed that as well. They then went on to try and use the operation as a way to bolster Obama's chances at re-election.

Now the hens have come home to roost, and no one from this administration wants to step up to the plate.

More here.

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