Monday, May 6, 2013

The Young Athlete Who Lost Both Legs in the Boston Bombing is Asking for Donations?

Jeff Bauman is asking for donations to help pay for his escalating hospital costs.

I am speaking of the young man who positively identified the bomber, after awakening from being medicated. You may also know him as the guy that Michelle Obama DIDN'T visit according to reports. Anyhow, good guy Jeff needs your help, so if you can slide a few bucks his way, please give him a hand.

Now for the rant. (you knew it was coming)

It seems to Gun Shy, that the people/agencies who bungled the initial investigation in the first place on numerous occasions should be paying ALL the hospital costs for this courageous young man, because there is complicity all the way up to the White House on this one. If the word hadn't come from the top to expunge all the terrorist training material, and if the hands of the government agencies hadn't been tied by this administrations political correctness, they may have caught the bombers BEFORE any of this ever happened. If this administration can send planes to Egypt, then they can pay IN FULL for this guys hospital AND rehabilitation. Surely it can't cost more than a few Obama family vacations, a couple of rock concerts and or birthday parties at the White House,  and a couple of golf outings/ lessons with Tiger Woods, can it?

Check out this commentary and video about good guy Jeff opening up a Bruins playoff game in Boston this week.

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