Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yet Another Obama/Clinton WTF Moment

Hopefully now we will find out what difference does it make, and so will they.

State Dept Hired Al-Qaeda To Defend Diplomatic Mission In Benghazi


The Libyan militia group that the State Department hired to defend its embattled diplomatic mission in Benghazi had clear AL-Qaida sympathies, and had prominently displayed the AL-Qaida flag on a Facebook page for some months before the deadly attack.

The Benghazi Talking Points - And how they were changed to obscure the truth

Talk is Cheap

Dem Rep. on Benghazi Talking Points: 'It Was Scrubbed ... It Was False Information. There's No Excuse For That.'

Sebastian Gorka: Threat Denial in the Obama Administration

Sebastian Gorka: Barack Hussein Obama supports Islamic terrorists

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Blue said...

Evil is as evil does.