Thursday, May 30, 2013

" [So] save yourselves if you care for your own skin.'"

The above title is the latest warning to Americans in the current issue of Inspire magazine, in a commentary that gleefully celebrates the Boston Marathon bombings and those who perpetrated it. This statement should be sufficient fuel to 'inspire' other jihadi a-holes to attempt copy cat operations in order to achieve their fifteen minutes of cowardly infamy. Gun Shy's advice to these wannabe's is to contain their attempts in the parts of America where the citizens have been disarmed by gun grabbing politicians leaving them helpless, because here in the South and other gun friendly parts of America there is a good chance that their jihadi career could be short lived, and once the self reliant gun owning community gets pissed, there are not enough people who hate America sympathetic to their cause to protect them. Once this thing goes ugly, there will be no calling back the dogs of war, and there is a chance that the terrorists could find out what Americans are truly made of as their last realization in this life.

Latest issue of al Qaeda magazine Inspire celebrates Boston bombings

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