Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League: Racist or Realist?

After the Boston Marathon bombing, Americans are probably starting to wonder if he has a point, being as England is much farther down the path of political correctness that the U.S. and even arrests citizens for speaking out. It should be noted that Mr Robinson was denied entry into the U.S. to attend a protest here in New York City.

Tommy Robinson speaks out about Woolwich jihad murder and the EDL response

Click here for additional dialog on the above topic.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world:

Female suicide bomber injures 18 in Russian region of Dagestan

Sweden Riots: Unrest Spreads Beyond Stockholm

French anti-terror soldier has throat slashed in Paris by 'man of North African origin in Woolwich copy-cat attack'

Pictured: Two men who 'tried to get in cockpit during flight from Pakistan to Britain' as they are searched on the tarmac at Stansted

Three charged after alleged gang-sexual assault in downtown Toronto parking garage

'I called him a b****** so he grabbed me by the throat and called me a white b****': Girl, 15, gives harrowing account of being passed around 'grooming gang' for sex 

As well as the U.S.

Authorities: Suspect In Botched OC Abduction ‘Intended To Marry’ Girl, 17

Oh...That Can Never Happen in America 

What Much of the Mainstream Media Isn't Reporting About Sex Slavery of Young Girls in America

Boston Bomber Linked to 9/11 Anniversary Murder of Jews

Minnesota: Some Muslims outraged over jihad terror sentences, Hamas-linked CAIR planning lawsuit

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