Saturday, May 11, 2013

Question: What is the Difference Between a Terrorist Wreaking Havoc on Innocent Americans and a Hunted Animal?

Answer: About four or five phone calls to the fellas in the neighborhood and the short time that it takes to grab kit and mobilize.

This scenario would most likely be typical in most gun friendly states where the citizens take self defense of their families and community seriously. That is unfortunately why there is a good chance, that any future terrorist attacks will occur in areas where the citizens have been disarmed by their politicians in order to make them 'safe' aka soft targets.

 As the readers are aware, the last few months since the Newtown shooting have been some trying times. If there is one thing that many Americans have learned through all this, is that it's not always what is is what the people believe. Gun Shy will admit that people are getting a little smarter in some ways recently in spite of the anti-gunners massive media campaign co-ordinated with the white house and the mainstream media to demonize everything that is gun related. Even some Democrats are now rushing to buy a gun because they have realized that it is one of the many sure ways to keep their family safe. After the unarmed citizens were huddled in the corner of their Boston homes in fear for a few days, the number of applications to buy guns in the Boston area as well as the state increased dramatically. If you compare the difference between Boston or other northern areas where politicians have disarmed the citizens through legislation, to say Virginia or Florida, the clear difference would be this. In Boston the bombers were terrorists on the loose to be feared by the unarmed public who were praying that someone would come and save them. Conversely in many areas of Florida, Virginia, and other gun friendly states, a strong potential exists that after a few phone calls in the neighborhood, and an additional few minutes for mobilization,  the terrorist might have immediately experienced first hand the phenomenon of 'the hunter becoming the hunted', with the harsh reality that the script was flipped as they were forced to assume their new role of being terrified hunted animals pursued by the skillfully trained armed populace, many of them who are combat vets. This would of course depend on how pissed off the locals were, but there is a pretty good possibility that this is how it might go down.

Meanwhile the ministry of disinformation and demonization haven't missed a beat, and are still hard at work in their attempt to intentionally mislead Americans that 'assault weapons' with high capacity magazines and gun show loopholes are the problem, while deceptively trying to steer the discussion about all those dangerous gun owners.

Fortunately, Florida has the cure for their fallacy induced, gun free utopian fantasy world.

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