Friday, April 26, 2013

A Brief Review of Last Weeks Boston Attack Now That More Information is Available

Let's review what happened in Boston last week:

One guy (older brother) who most likely had some terrorist training and support, and his little brother who tagged along to help out but didn't even think to wear his hat brim forward with dark glasses to mask who he was from the cameras (as his older brother did) caused multiple deaths and serious injuries, as well as major fear and terror at the Boston marathon and in the surrounding cities and towns. The older brother was on TWO terrorist watch lists, and the Russian government and others had warned  our agencies about him recently on numerous occasions, but no one seemed to follow up on his current activities like his recent six month 'vacation' in Dagestan, where he may have spent some quality time with his peeps, so the investigating agencies didn't even realize who he was initially when the photos were released. To the credit of the Watertown Police, they took the fight to the brothers and stopped them from any future carnage, and then were rewarded by being ordered to stand down and back away from the situation so that 'big dogs' could handle it. Those agencies had canines and helicopters with FLIR, but they ended up losing the suspect that evening.

Let's review some additional items now that new facts are coming out:

1) The next day the mostly disarmed citizens of Massachusetts were ordered to shelter in place and the city was placed in lock down mode, which in theory is martial law. This order most certainly originated at a federal level.

2) People were removed from their homes at gunpoint and their premises searched for the suspect.

3) The streets were filled with many government agencies with all of their assets: ATF, FBI, SWAT, Boston Police, State Police, as well as police agencies from all over.

4)  In the end, the next evening after the area was declared safe and people were alowed to return to their homes or come outside, a un-armed civilian just by chance discovered the second suspect wounded and hiding in his boat in his backyard, where he had been since the night before slowly bleeding out.

5) The SWAT team then came in and riddled the $50,000.00 boat with a large amount of rifle rounds, but fortunately for the un-armed and seriously wounded younger brother, he was down low in the hull so all of the rounds missed him completely and he was taken alive so that they could interrogate him and gather intel on what had happened to learn if there were any future plans of additional bombings. The SWAT team spokesman issued a report that their officers had come under fire from the suspect which is what prompted them to return fire, but the suspect had no weapons at the time of his capture, and we have now learned that he never possessed a firearm throughout this ordeal, and that there was only one pistol which the older brother had, but the caliber has never been disclosed. The news wrongly reported that the duo had additional pistols and an M4 rifle.

QUESTION: How would the disarmed citizens of Boston have felt huddled in their homes, if this had instead been a larger number of heavily armed well trained terrorists with select fire weapons in co-ordinated attacks roaming the streets of their city and surrounding towns engaging in fire fights with law enforcement?

After all that America has been through this week, gun grabbing politicians hell bent on citizen disarmament didn't miss a beat and are pushing forward in their insanity, but unfortunately for them they couldn't use this incident as an exploitable example because the terrorists did not have any 'assault rifles' or any other 'legally' owned firearms for that matter.

It is Gun Shy's opinion that this recent attack will be used as a probe for future attacks, and terrorists from around the world will study this situation  and learn to overcome and adapt in reference to any mistakes that these two made for the next time some of them become tired of all the taxpayer funded handouts (welfare, free education, etc) that they received while living here, and decide to kill some more American infidels

In closing, Gun Shy has been known to say in the past, that the Calvary isn't coming , so I would advise all law abiding citizens to acquire a firearm, and train on a regular basis to learn how to fight with it to protect yourself, because in the end your personal protection, and the protection of your loved ones begins with you.

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