Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Aren't Holder, Napolitano, and Our Weak Ass Politicians Uttering THIS Word Publicly? (Boston Bomber)

De-naturalization…look it up in the legal codes. The suspect just recently received naturalization on 11 Sep 2012. Through a legal process he could potentially be reverted from citizen to non-citizen combatant. Below are some of the possible grounds:

Belonging to a subversive organization or group within five years after you become a naturalized citizen can lead to revocation of your citizenship. Terrorist groups are the textbook example of a violent “subversive” organization.

Also, at the time he took his oath of loyalty he was most likely involved with this plot to do terror against his adopted nation, meaning that he submitted false information on his application That is additional grounds.

As recently as this year, the DHS announced that they were reviewing the de-naturalization process in consideration of making it even easier to administer this process swiftly.  Once his certificate of citizenship is revoked then the status of combatant could possibly be levied, so why aren't they talking about this action, instead of lawyering up the defendant?

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