Friday, April 12, 2013

Why the NRA is Old News

Until the NRA gets a realistic rating system for politicians that actually reflects their true views as well as disputing false statistics that are spewed by liberal media constantly, this is the guy who is currently doing the heavy lifting when it comes to American's gun rights.

Click here to watch the full Larry Pratt interview where he exposes the false poll statistics being used by the gun grabbers.

Click here to see one of the NRA's last bastion of hope.

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ocopek said...

Since when is the belief of the majority considered right? How did that work for the blacks before 1865? Basing law on majority opinion is just tyranny by the majority. Might does not make right. That is also what is happening with demands for extra taxes on the rich for the benefit of others. Thievery and oppression are still wrong even if they are administered by the majority.