Monday, April 29, 2013

So Where is the Dash Cam Footage? (Boston/Watertown Shootout)

It now appears the statements that the Watertown Police Chief initially issued were a wee bit embellished. The suspects were not both shooting at the officers, because they only had one 9mm pistol. It is now also known that they also did not have a long rifle as one media outlet reported. ( the New York Times originally reported  "The authorities found an M-4 carbine rifle — a weapon similar to ones used by American forces in Afghanistan — on the boat where the younger suspect was found Friday night in Watertown, Mass". NOTE:  The M-4 carbine is a select fire weapon capable of firing fully automatic or multi round bursts). The terrorists were reported to have been lobbing improvised explosives at the Watertown police while in pursuit. The question on Gun Shy's mind, is can anyone get the facts straight these days? They need to stop with this 'undisclosed source" bull$hit and report the proven facts. As an aside, Gun Shy is curious why they have not shown the dash cam footage yet so that Americans can see exactly how this pursuit/fire fight went down. The Watertown police did a good job and stayed in the fight in Gun Shy's opinion...the Watertown Chief??  Not so much.

Suspects Throw Grenades at Cops

Officer may have been hit by friendly fire

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