Friday, April 19, 2013

One Boston Bomber D.O.A....One Still on the Loose

There was a shooting at M.I.T last evening. The two suspects 'Mike' Mulugeta (ethiopian name but he doesn't appear to be) and Sunil Tripathi (indian name) reportedly shot and killed an M.I.T. security officer, and then the melee ensued with gunfire and explosives. Rumor has it that Mulugeta was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds, and may have been strapped with an explosive device and clacked himself off (or was set off), but their is no verification of that. Tripathi escaped and is believed to be in the Watertown area which is currently locked down. Unfortunately he might off himself before authorities get to talk to him. Below is a lot of good dialog about the initial situation from first person witnesses on twitchy.

UPDATE AFTER THE FACT: The media reported incorrect names and identifications above.

The suspects were positively identified by a person who lost both of his legs from the knee down who watched the suspect set the package down in front of him right before it exploded.

Click here for a live feed. Gun Shy has to admit that Boston Police as well as their SWAT team are looking sharp in their handling of this situation thus far.

UPDATE 0630hrs :

One news outlet reported that the suspects are from Turkey, and were here as students. The suspect that was killed may have been, but I am not sure about the suspect still on the loose with the name that is typically from India. It is also rumored that one or both have prior military experience from Turkey (or another foreign country)

UPDATE 0649hrs: 

It appears that there may have been false ID's involved. These guys are two brothers with the last name Tsarnaev from Chechnya (Tamerlan age 26 D.O.A. and Dzhokhar age 19), who had been living in Turkey before they came here. The readers may remember the Beslan massacre in Russia, where Chechen Islamic terrorists killed a large number of innocent school children. As I had stated in an earlier post, they are east bloc as I suspected. 

For more on what the brutal Chechen terrorists did to the innocent children and parents of Beslan, click here and watch the videos.

Gun Shy has a feeling that these two are only a few of the many that may be here in the nation asleep waiting to create additional havoc.

Gun Shy can't help but wonder  how the disarmed helpless law abiding citizens of Boston are feeling currently while locked down and huddling in a back bedroom or basement as armed Chechen terrorists are roaming the streets of Boston wreaking havoc as they rob stores, ambush and murder a security guard in cold blood, carjack people at gunpoint, shoot a transit officer,  and then have running gun battles in the streets of residential neighborhoods with rounds flying through their living rooms. So much for Teddy Kennedy's utopian gun control in a state that brags it has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Hopefully, someone will have the ball$ to ask Bloomberg's MAIG lackey Boston Mayor Menino how that gun control thing is working out for him. It should be noted it was reported that the terrorists used pistols, which neither can legally own.

UPDATE 0900hrs:

Law enforcement is going door to door in Watertown looking for the suspect. He is possibly armed with a pistol and explosives. They need to take this guy alive so that they can acquire intel on any possible future attacks, because it is starting to appear that they are possibly trained and well financed, which means that this is not a lone wolf type of operation. The whole city of Boston has been warned to stay inside, and is on lock down, I am sure jihadi's all over the world will be blood dancing with joy due to this incident and the carnage and chaos it has caused, and will be empowered by this.  

UPDATE 0943hrs:

It has been reported that D.C. Police are currently at the house of an uncle there. The house is taped off with yellow caution/crime scene tape. 

UPDATE 1000hrs:

A local auto body shop in their neighborhood told the media that they had expensive cars with New York tags on them. The day after the bombing they came in the shop to pick up a Mercedes that was still partially apart, and they told the owner of the shop they needed the car and left with it minus the bumper. The plot thickens. 

UPDATE 1020hrs:

Boston jihad bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev: "I'm very religious"

Boston jihad bomber's YouTube page features videos by Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, who called on Muslims to kill enemies of Islam 

UPDATE 1327hrs:

Feiz Mohammad: Radical Muslim Preacher Who Inspired Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Beslan Comes to America 

Quote from Dave Grossman:

“Osama bin Laden has promised that what has happened in (Beslan) Russia will happen to us many times over,” Grossman said. “And Osama tries very hard never to lie to us.”

UPDATE 1451hrs: 

People come to America from other countries, enjoy our lifestyle and freedoms, and then turn on Americans like rabid dogs.

Are Boston terrorists refugees?

UPDATE 1621hrs:

Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest

UPDATE 1745hrs:

Gun Shy can't validate these claims, but am putting it up for your perusal:

Two Dagestani brothers nembers of Chechen Wahhabi cell identified as responsible for Boston terror

The Chechen Theater Bombing of 2002 Was Likely Financed By Saudi Arabia

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