Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Politicians Demonstrated Weakness...Boston Got Attacked

Gun Shy has repeatedly stated in earlier commentaries, that it was not if but when, and the areas where attacks would probably most likely occur, would be the areas where the citizens were disarmed. Thus far is has been Boston, New York City (attempted Times Square attack), World Trade Center (twice), and attempts in New Jersey. Terrorists are cowards not soldiers, so they seek out soft targets where they can kill or injure a large number of people while encountering little or no resistance. A city where the citizens are disarmed constitutes such a place. The people of Boston are tough, but unfortunately the politicians are not. Mayor Menino, a close associate of Bloomberg is fully signed on to the idea of citizen disarmament. He, and the governor of Massachusetts both have some interesting associations. Click here to watch a video that may be of interest to the readers.

For more of Menino's clueless in Boston antics click on the link below. 

Boston mayor: Bombing suspects acted alone

Maybe it is time for Americans to 'demand a plan' to remove these weak ass politicians from office before they get more innocent Americans killed, and get some real leaders in control who understand the threat. Thank GOD for the heroes of the Watertown Police department, that took it to the attackers with a vengeance. They fought through the initial shock of what they had unknowingly gotten themselves into, and immediately took the violence to the attackers, and halted further destruction from happening. It appears that these brave WARRIORS fully understood, that when  you encounter individuals whose sole objective is to perpetrate violence, death, mayhem, and destruction, the intelligent option is to meet them with an even greater violence of action immediately, because at this point it has been established with certainty the time for talking is long over. Those who mistakenly believe that if we are 'nice' to people who despise us and our way of life, that maybe they won't harm us are deluded. The idea of holding a pair of scissors while cowering in the corner hoping that he/they will let you live as recent DHS personnel has instructed Americans, is not a reasonable option, nor is it rational thinking. Having a weapon and shooting him/them dead is far more rational in Gun Shy's opinion. Those who believe that lying scared and helpless on the ground while a gunman walks around executing people are insane. This is never nor will it ever be the rational choice regardless what any politician advocating citizen disarmament or their politically appointed police chief who they bring as a supporting witness says at a press conference. Ending the violent POS with extreme prejudice so that  innocents will not be harmed is. A Gun Shy salute to the Watertown Police and to those who rushed to support them, because those brave warriors  overcame shock with resolve, stayed in the fight, and saved countless lives by their quick heroic actions.


ocopek said...

I'm don't think turning our police officers into WARRIORS is the right idea. We are building an equivalent to the gestapo. Fully automatic weapons, body armour, tanks, grenades, and drones means the citizenry are slaves to whatever the government wants to do. Martial law and house searches are next on the agenda.

Gun Shy Tourist said...

It is my understanding, that it was regular patrol officers who were the ones that responded. That means that all they had were the standard vests that would stop pistol rounds, their sidearm, and possibly a shotgun and carbine in the trunk. A transit officer also ran to the fight to help out and was wounded according to reports. By the time that the militarized teams got there, the gun fight was over according to my understanding.