Thursday, April 25, 2013

Watertown Police HEROES...Boston SWAT...Well...

As Gun Shy said in an earlier commentary, the Watertown Police were brave WARRIORS for standing up to the brothers as they were lobbing improvised explosive devices at the patrolman who were ill equipped to deal with this type of situation. Meanwhile, the DHS funded hyper militarized Boston SWAT team appears to have had some major errors not only in judgement, but also in their recounting of the incident. As days go by and new reports are issued, they are starting to look more and more like Bloomberg's New York City 'counter terrorist team' who shot all of the innocent victims at the Empire State building while trying to contain a single armed suspect. I guess time will tell.

Did the Boston PD lie about the “hour-long firefight” with Boston terror suspect?

Bob Owens Has also done some earlier reporting on the incident:

Boston strong! Company-sized police unit fired 40+ rounds at UNARMED terrorism suspect

The Boston Civil Rights Massacre

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