Monday, April 15, 2013

Not Surprised: The Bombs in Boston

Watched the video of the Boston incident, and quite frankly Gun Shy is not surprised. Jihadi groups have been openly threatening this type of attack for a while, and there are publications out there teaching people how to make improvised explosive devices out of readily available materials. What they need to do, is find the person(s) responsible for this no matter what group they belong to, and hang their head(s) on a stick in Harvard square as a 'notice' to anyone considering this kind of terrorist act in the future. 

The devices looked to be a lower yield, possibly with some fragmentation type of hardware (BB's, screws, etc), that was meant to be a more localized anti-personnel device (hence multiple devices) instead of creating large scale destruction. I am sure that is not comforting to those who lost limbs or the families of those who lost their lives. These type of devices are used mainly to create fear in the general population, and are sometimes used to probe the tactics of the response teams. They can also be used in conjunction with a secondary or tertiary blast that is much larger in nature, with the initial blast being used to draw responders to the site in order to get a higher body count with the latter explosions.

Below is an article about a group that may have  influenced this type of attack:

Al-Qaeda newspaper: Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom


Just read that they have a Saudi national in custody. Let me take a student here on a visa? No details as of yet. Gun Shy will update as facts become available.



There is no suspect in custody, authorities say, but some people are being questioned, including some with injuries who were taken to Boston hospitals. One of those, a person in whom there is some interest, is a young person who was here on a student visa," NBC reports.


Well, as usual our media isn't giving us much. An Aussie news source reported that they have security video of the person(s) putting the back packs into the trash cans. Since intel has a shelf life, I imagine that the boys from Quantico and Langley are already on the scene chatting with the  person(s) of interest.

UPDATE 4 (tuesday morning) :

It was reported that the devices were filed with Ball Bearings. A British news site has a fairly comprehensive report here


Take a look at this asshole warming the hearts of the al jazeera viewers with the right wing terrorist narrative.

Asshole number two can be viewed here

Click here for some interesting reading about the narrative that the mainstream media wants to keep alive.

UPDATE 6 (tuesday afternoon): 

They now have more information on the physical construction of the devices. All they need now is to report the compound used in the explosive.

UPDATE 7 (tuesday evening)

If you read my first entry, you will see that my accuracy in calling this one so far has been pretty consistent. Here is some more information that may be of interest:

Al-Qaeda Propagandist Called for Attacks on Sports Events


Boston Marathon bombs: al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine taught pressure cooker bomb-making techniques

Al Qaeda Link Probed 

America’s New Bomb Threat


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Boston Marathon bomb 


The same media people who tell us not to jump to conclusions sure like to push their narrative. Click here

UPDATE 11 (wednesday afternoon): The device is definitely the design that has been promoted by AQAP (Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) Could someone else who is not associated with that group have used that design? Of course anything is possible. The main stream media is still pushing the domestic extremist angle in order to imbed their chosen narrative into the minds of Americans while their disinformation circus can't seem to get their facts straight as per usual. Who ever did this, they attacked Americans, and as I said in my opening post, their head(s) need to be put on a stick in Harvard Square for the whole world to see as a future warning.

UPDATE 11: (thursday morning) 

Steve Emerson: Saudi national questioned in Boston Marathon bombings to be deported on national security grounds next week


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