Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Doesn't CNN Ask the Important Questions About the Boston Shootout?

Click on this link to watch the interview, and then wonder why Jake Tapper not once asked the person being interviewed what kind of weapons the attackers had. A pressure cooker bomb is mentioned, but it is not once specified whether they had pistols or rifles, even though various groups of the media disinformation circus of continuous non factual reporting have stated various conflicting details. It was first reported they had pistols, and then one outlet described one of their weapons as a long rifle. Now they are reporting that they killed the MIT security guard to try and get his pistol, because they only had one and needed two. If they had an ASSAULT rifle why would they bother? Let me now ask the readers this. After the Sandy Hook shooting, how many times did you hear specifically the term Bushmaster AR 15 ASSAULT RIFLE? Could it be that this attack does not help support the narrative promoting their prime agenda of banning the deadly weapon of mass destruction? Also please note, that when law enforcement were shown on TV walking around with their rifles slung, they were on occasion referred to as AR15's and never referred to as an ASSAULT RIFLE. If they were select fire weapons which is a good possibility, then by definition they actually are ASSAULT RIFLES, unlike the sem-automatic rifles that citizens have which are incorrectly labeled as ASSAULT RIFLES by the mainstream media.

In other news it has been rumored that a bill is being rushed through titled the patriot pressure cooker act that bans those large capacity 6 liter pressure cookers like the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing. As an aside, it was also rumored that New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg in his typical knee jerk reaction was frantically drafting an emergency bill to ban propane gas for cooks stoves. As of the July 4th deadline, possession of anything larger than a 3 liter pressure cooker will be a felony with a mandatory sentence of five years in the state of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other states not part of free America. Of course, existing 6 liter pressure cookers will be grand fathered in providing they are registered, and with the distinct stipulation that they can only be filled with 3 liters of any substance. Devices will be available to retrofit existing 6 liter cookers to insure compliance with the new law. Lawmakers stated that the reason for this ban, is that it makes the device less lethal forcing them to use multiple devices, and therefore when they are trying to reload in order to detonate the second device, they could be rushed and disarmed. Lawmakers were quoted as saying "why does anyone need a high capacity six liter assault cooker anyways?", "if it only saves one life" and "it's for the children". (sarcasm off) 


One news outlet mistakenly may have reported that the Boston TERRORISTS had an M4 carbine and others have picked that up. If it truly was an M4 as I am sure the readers know, that is a TRUE select fire assault weapon by definition, which is capable of firing fully automatic. If this ever proves to be factual, the next time Feinstein, Piers Morgan, or one of their citizen disarmament parrots asks “Why does any one need an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine?”  the answer should be “to defend myself against jihadi’s with select fire M4′s with 30 round mags”....and even though I am seriously ‘out gunned’ I will attempt to make do with it”

NOTE: 'outgunned" is a term that gun grabbers like to use when referring to law enforcement, who they say are outgunned  when it comes to confronting armed criminals. They use this constantly as part of their citizen disarmament argument.

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