Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You Mean it is 'hurting' You in Your Attempt to Wipe Out the Middle Class, Trash the Constitution, and Take America Down the Tubes?

Maybe that is what they meant:

Obama Senior Adviser Complains That The Drudge Report 'Hurts What We're Trying To Do'

Many Americans from all walks of life now after the last four years have a clear picture of what Obama is attempting to do to this nation, and Drudge has been a good clearing house for the need to read articles. The only plan that has worked for this administration so far, is to invite in as many people as they can who hate America, and then give them free stuff in order to retain power so that they may finish the cycle of destruction (UN small arms treaty, gun control/elimination, out of control spending, dismantling the military,  vacations, vacations, vacations, etc). As the old expression goes, some people work to live, and some people vote to live. What they should add to that is some people who have absolutely no experience in anything become career politicians to 'live' on the backs of taxpayers.Their only true credential being, that they are effective liars.

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