Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Boston Bombers and the Gun Control Politicians of Massachussets

In an earlier post while the second terrorist bomber was being sought, Gun Shy stated this:

Gun Shy can't help but wonder  how the disarmed helpless law abiding citizens of Boston are feeling currently while locked down and huddling in a back bedroom or basement as armed Chechen terrorists are roaming the streets of Boston wreaking havoc as they rob stores, ambush and murder a security guard in cold blood, carjack people at gunpoint, shoot a transit officer,  and then have running gun battles in the streets of residential neighborhoods with rounds flying through their living rooms. So much for Teddy Kennedy's utopian gun control in a state that brags it has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Hopefully, someone will have the ball$ to ask Bloomberg's MAIG lackey Boston Mayor Menino how that gun control thing is working out for him. It should be noted it was reported that the terrorists used pistols, which neither can legally own.

Since the older brother had a domestic violence charge from 2009, he could not legally pass a background check to own a firearm. Because his younger brother was only 19, he could not legally possess a pistol.  The bottom line, is all of the gun laws in the world can not stop terrorists seeking to do violence against the population.

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