Saturday, April 20, 2013

The 'prophet of doom' aka Gun Shy Hates to be Right... (Boston Bombing)

...because if I am right, that means that there is the potential for more havoc brewing.

Gun Shy stated in an earlier post that this group was deep.


Gun Shy has a feeling that these two are only a few of the many that may be here in the nation asleep waiting to create additional havoc...

...They need to take this guy alive so that they can acquire intel on any possible future attacks, because it is starting to appear that they are possibly trained and well financed, which means that this is not a lone wolf type of operation.

 Now we have this report:

FBI Looking for 12-strong Islamic Sleeper Cell Linked to Boston Bombers

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ocopek said...

Our current administration has been successful in their campaign to divert attention away from radical islam. In the past we recognized the problem was islamic terrorists. Now we are satisfied that they just called the bombers terrorists. The relationship to radical islam has been brain-washed from our thought process. Thanks for recognizing and highlighting the main factor in 99% of terrorist attacks.